Getting settled.

On Thursday I finally moved everything I own into my new house. It’s cosy to say the least, but at least I’m here.

My bedroom/storage unit.

I had to search for 2 weeks before I finally managed to find a place, and this will have to do for now. I’m setting myself a near impossible goal to be earning enough in 6 months to be able to get a place to myself. I doubt that will happen, but if it will encourage me to get more work it can’t hurt to try.

Of course, while I’ve been searching I’ve basically been out of work. My main work computer was sat in a storage unit, so as soon as I got in it was the first thing that I set up (on the dining table, since I can’t fit my desk in my room). I’ve also had plenty of studying to catch up on.

For our 3D modelling module we’re getting to know 3DS Max. Working in 3D is still totally foreign to me. Today I managed to work my way through a tutorial that introduced a few of the programs features to make a helmet.

It’s nothing amazing, but it’s a start. So often I want to jump so far ahead that I just end up lost and then I give up. I’ve made many attempts before to learn new skills and so often it just ends in disappointment. This time I’m learning with a clear structure and timeline, and it really helps to see that journey planned out in front of me. It’s been frustrating already sure, but I can look at that and accept that I’m still right at the start and I have a long way to go. And it’s when I realise this that I actually start to learn.

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