A rainbow over autumnal trees

September, a month of change

I often put it down to my Mancunian roots, but for whatever reason I’ve always been more comfortable on rainy days than sunny ones. Pretty much anything over 20ºC and I’m uncomfortable; 30ºC and I’m straight up panicking. But give me clouds and a cooling rain shower and I’m at peace. I’m sure as a school child I got excited about the summer holidays but these days I find myself more excited about the autumn, and so watching August change to September brings me relief. It’s a time of change and transformation, both in the weather, and apparently in my own life – mostly I guess because of the start of the academic year bringing me to new places, be it Sheffield or Brighton. Either way, I’ve always felt like September is where the year really starts anew.

So what’s changed? Well firstly I guess it’s worth mentioning the new website you might have noticed. Having switched from WordPress to Medium, I switched back to WordPress so that I could have more control over the look and feel of the site, and ultimately my own URL. So welcome to steve-mccarthy.local!

More importantly, I’ve decided that I’ll be dropping out of my MSc. Having completed the first year and been left feeling unsatisfied, I’ve decided that spending another £6000 and who-knows-how-many hours on the course simply isn’t worthwhile. There’s much more to the story, which I think might be worth another blog post at some point. Putting it simply, it means a number of significant changes. The first on my mind is that I’ll suddenly need to find an extra £120+ every month to cover my loan repayments (can you imagine how incredibly unsatisfying that is?), so I guess getting more work will be a priority. However, without the course in the way that will hopefully mean I’ll have more time for work. It should also mean I have time to dedicate to learning the things I really want to learn, the way I want to learn them, so expect more updates and progress. That’s assuming that I don’t suddenly lose the motivation when I don’t have academic grades hanging over me.

So here’s to September, a month of change, jumper-weather and hopefully new opportunities too.

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