Well it’s been a busy week right here, so maybe it’s time to bring back this weekly summary of what I’ve been doing. A new website, with a list of new projects, and exciting things on the horizon.

A full rebrand


Anyone who had been paying attention will have noticed a few changes around here. I’ve completely redesigned my website, and turned what used to be two websites into one by bringing my old blog into the same place. It’s still going to do all the same stuff; a portfolio, a contact point for all the services I provide and a blog full of tutorials, experiences and personal development. There’s more information on that on my recent post here – or, you know, just have a look around. There’s still lots of things planned for this site, and I’m sure I’ll share more on that as it happens.

Portfolio update

Naturally, with a new website update comes lots of new work in the portfolio. I added eight new projects, some of which should have been added a long time ago. My most recent addition was this pair of animations created for EMDR Association.

Screenshot from one of two EMDR animations

Another major project I included was a personal project; the artwork and video for my latest music which I released as Steve and the Sea. You can read all about how I made a music video and artwork for a new single and EP over here.

What I’ve been learning

Carrying on nicely from the EP and single artwork, I decided that my next music video would actually be something interactive. This has meant dipping in to learning the Unity game engine and brushing off the old C# skills that I haven’t used for two years (is it really two years?)

First steps are already going quite well I feel. I started by looking at the interactive side of things – namely making an orbital camera. After completing a few lengthy tutorials on Unity’s own website, I eventually found this super quick tutorial on how to create exactly what I was looking for. Add in a few alterations and this is what I ended up with – I’m afraid for now it only works on a desktop/laptop:

Coming up…

This week I have a few client projects to crack on with, but otherwise I’ll be carrying on with this interactive animation. I’m also planning a new weekly post of inspiration; things I’ve been watching and enjoying. It’s good to share.

That’s it for this week. I hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Speak soon!