Create somethng every day.

If you try to hit every target at once, you’ll probably miss.

I have a habit of changing my mind. I’ve never been able to decide what I want to focus on. It seems like every time I see some inspirational work by someone else, or come up with an idea for a project, I immediately drop whatever I was doing before and start working on something else. But then within a couple of hours I get frustrated that I’m not good enough at whatever it is I just started doing and try something else instead. The end result is that I’m constantly moving the target, rather than just sticking it to the wall and throwing darts until I finally hit it.

I’ve fluctuated from graphic design to animation, 2D to 3D, illustration to proceedural art, guitar to drums. Every now and then I stop and think what the hell am I actually trying to do? And then I spend so long trying to decide that I actually do nothing at all. A classic case of analysis paralysis.

There’s nothing wrong with being a generalist, but now – probably far too late into my career – I’m realising that it takes a certain level of structure, patience, persistence and practice. The latter of which has lead me to my new personal project.

I’m going to create something new every day.

At least, that’s the plan. Inspired by the words of Ira Glass (below), and by the likes of Beeple, I’m going to try and do something creative every day. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but it has to be something. A drawing, a 3D animation, a generative art piece, a small piece of music. It doesn’t matter what, but it has to be something.

Ira Glass on “The creative gap”

Yes, I’m still taking a very generalist and broad approach, but my hope is that by at least overcoming the analysis paralysis, I can actually start to discover what I like doing more. And I’ve no doubt I will go through trends; sticking to one particular area of work and refining it before moving on to something else.


Anyway, here’s piece number (00?)01: “If you try to hit all the targets at once, you’ll probably miss. Also you’re terrible at darts.”

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