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In 2015 I took on the task of refreshing the look and feel of the University of Sheffield Careers Service to closer match the identity and personality of the service. The previous style used for marketing materials used a heavy black outline and 5 bright colours to represent the 5 areas of service that the… read more»

Social media plays a huge role in our lives, and using it can have an effect on employability. I was tasked with creating a short animation to advise how social media can be used beneficially in career planning and job searching. For this animation I provided a script and storyboard before producing illustrations in Adobe… read more»

DLHE Survey

Every year, the Careers Service at the University of Sheffield carries out a survey of all recent graduates to find out what they are now doing. It forms part of a national survey, so it’s important that graduates are able to complete the survey. To help raise awareness and encourage graduates to get involved, I… read more»