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Hit refresh

Hello! It has apparently been a very long time since I used this blog. That’s what blogs are for though right? You start them, write a bunch of stuff then forget about them for another year? That’s what they’ve always been for me anyway. But, it’s 2020. A not-so-new year, a new decade. Time for… read more»

A rainbow over autumnal trees

September, a month of change

I often put it down to my Mancunian roots, but for whatever reason I’ve always been more comfortable on rainy days than sunny ones. Pretty much anything over 20ºC and I’m uncomfortable; 30ºC and I’m straight up panicking. But give me clouds and a cooling rain shower and I’m at peace. I’m sure as a… read more»

Stay Dry, Stay Warm

As well as an animator and designer, I’m a keen musician performing as Steve and the Sea. In 2016 I released my debut EP and decided to write, record, distribute and design the entire EP by myself. The EP was released on a limited run of CDs, and as such I wanted to create something… read more»