EMDR Association

I was approached by EMDR Association to create two animations detailing their therapy services; one for their children’s services and another for adult services.

Given the personal nature of EMDR therapy, we decided to make the animation character-centric. In particular, the aim was to focus on changing emotions and feelings. It would be necessary for the characters to express clearly a range of emotions to demonstrate the effects of EMDR therapy.

While the association worked on a script, I worked on character development. Character design and animation is an area I rarely explore, so this took some experimentation and several revisions. it was important not just that the characters suited the story, but that the illustration style also suited the mood of the animation.

Early character designs
Early character designs
Final character designs for the adult animation

This was followed by more animation testing to explore changing facial expressions.

Finally, this went on to full animation. The final results were the adult animation shown above, and the children’s animation shown below.