Origin of Symmetry XX RemiXX

When you’re asked to produce some social content for a band that influenced your taste in music since you were 11 years old, you don’t say no. So when F-That reached out to me to help with their content creation for Muse’s upcoming release of their remixed album, naturally I jumped at the chance. Origin of Symmetry was a defining album for me, and creating work for this remixed 20th anniversary edition brought back a lot of nostalgia.

The core of the job involved creating 3D mock-ups of the vinyl from the supplied artwork, including both still images and animations to be used on online stores and social media.

These 3D mock ups were created in Cinema 4D and rendered in Octane to create a photo-realistic quality. Particular attention was paid to the material of the translucent coloured vinyls; quite a challenge without physical copies to refer to!

Before these were released however, in typical Muse style we released a subtle Spotify Canvas to build up some hype and offer clues to eagle-eyed fans of what was coming (which was not missed by their famously dedicated fanbase).

As a final element, we created a visualiser video for YouTube, for the release of Megalomania; the final track on the album.

This was created in After Effects and Photoshop, using cut out layers of the artwork arranged in 3D space, composited with footage of sunny and stormy skies to capture the atmosphere of the song itself.