PIWoP – short for Price I Want to Pay – is a simple online shopping tool that keeps track of the prices of things you’d like to buy online. Whether it’s electronics, furniture, food or holidays; PIWoP can tell you when the item’s price drops to your range. Simply set the price you want to pay, sit back and wait. You receive a notification as soon as the price falls, and you can then make the purchase if you still want to.

I was asked to produce a series of animations that would explain how PIWoP works and how to install the app on Android, IOS and Chrome.


PIWoP already had a logo, colour scheme and suite of illustrations. My task was to help create short videos that would help users get started with the app. I supported the client in writing a series of scripts that would cover each topic. We then worked with a voice over artist to set the tone. After agreeing on a storyboard, I set out to create the animations. PIWoP’s nominated charity is WWF, and so their mascot is a panda. We wanted to use the panda as our character throughout the animations, to create a fun, friendly image. This animation was a great opportunity to use the Joysticks and Sliders plug-in to animate the panda’s face, as well as the cycling scene.

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