The Network Factory

The Network Factory provide automation solutions that help streamline digital services for a range of businesses, large and small. This is done through a practice called DevOps – a fairly common workflow within the software developer community, but many clients who could benefit from it don’t actually know what it is. I was tasked with producing an explainer video that would give an outline of the subject, whilst promoting The Network Factory’s services.


The client took the task of writing a script that explained what they do in a concise way. I used this script to create a storyboard that would visualise the ideas presented.

Storyboard created using Boords.

Taking influence from The Network Factory’s website, I produced a simple, flat illustration style that made use of connected dots, representing a network. After presenting style frames to the client, we were agreed that this was the way to go. In particular, we wanted to express that DevOps can be applied to a whole range of connected devices; from computers and phones, to drones, trucks and refrigerators.

The Factory

As the company name suggested, the idea of a factory was central to the styling. For this I wanted to create a simple, looping animation that would fit nicely with the section of the script that listed The Network Factory’s services.

The final animation gave a simple introduction to the topic of DevOps, and will eventually form part of a series of videos that explain the many services that The Network Factory provide, and how businesses can benefit from DevOps solutions.

Produced in Adobe after Effects, Illustrator and Audition.