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Having set myself the task of learning After Effects expressions, I of course got distracted and started learning Unity again, and probably some other things too. But for once, I managed to pull myself back and focus on After Effects again when I ran into a problem that forced me to learn something new (by… read more»

The Network Factory

The Network Factory provide automation solutions that help streamline digital services for a range of businesses, large and small. This is done through a practice called DevOps – a fairly common workflow within the software developer community, but many clients who could benefit from it don’t actually know what it is. I was tasked with… read more»

Procedural, generative, whatever you want to call it. I’ve been pretty fascinated by the concept since first seeing the work of Universal Everything back at university. I even had a workshop with Karsten Schmidt, who introduced me to Processing, and the general idea of writing code to create visuals. I love the idea that you… read more»

Integral Powertrain

Creative direction – Richard Dufty, RBD Design I was asked by Richard Duffy to create a series of animated ‘heads up display’ graphics and technical drawings to accompany a promotional video for Integral Powertrain; an engineering firm based in Milton Keynes. These animations would be a subtle feature of the final piece, but would help… read more»

The first keyframe

Inbetweening — more often called ‘tweening’ — is an animation process, involving filling in the frames between two poses or ‘keyframes’, to create movement. Those inbetweening frames are a transition from one state to the next. As I sit here writing this, I’m preparing to start a new learning journey. Two weeks today I’ll be moving from Sheffield to… read more»

This animation was produced to introduce students at the University of Sheffield to their Careers Service. It gives a brief overview of what the service provides and how students can use it throughout their degree and beyond. Taking cues from the service’s recent rebrand, I designed the animation to use white outlines on coloured backgrounds,… read more»

Video interviews have become a common element of recruitment processes, especially for larger organisations who may be dealing with hundreds of applicants for a single position. I was tasked by The University of Sheffield Careers Service to create a short animation that informed students and graduates of how employers were using video interviews, and how… read more»